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אורנית בסן אדריכלות ציטוט
אורנית בסן אדריכלית ניגריה


Ornit Bassan was born in Port Harcourt, a port city in Nigeria.
Grew up near the Atlantic Ocean, alongside beaches of "Mile Thirteen", Ghana
In Tel-Aviv, the "Country Club" beach was a refuge from a strict high school.
Another big ocean, the "East River" in New York, where Ornit Bassan spent her academic studies, and the Hampton shores were a calm summer weekend retreat from the big city.
Since her return to Israel, Ornit lives near the sea.
Like others, she  finds herself loving it with a real love.
Maybe because it symbolizes truth.
Not an absolute truth, although over the world its level is absolute.
A subjective truth, because it is reflected differently by each observer.
From every vantage point, the sea looks different; hence, the truth is different.
Sometimes above us, at other times- below us, but always there.
So is the sea .
Sometimes painful, at others- easing.
Real or misleading.
So is the sea.
Salty in taste, serene to the eye.
White, when frothy.
Black, when calm.
Recedes when you approach it.
Traps, when you enter it.
Such is truth.
Because it has its own life.

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